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Are you interested in Opening for a Major act (they charge you), or to be in Showcases/Talent shows, Songwriters contests, featured in online magazines? Are you interested in learning about the business part of the music business? This is where a lot of young people fall short of. They want to get into the music business, but what they do not understand is that the music business is not all glitz & glamour. Its just as it says, its the music business. It’s 90% Business and 10% Glamour.

Sad to say a lot of aspiring artists wind up learning the business the hard-way.  Why put yourself through so much hardship when you have people who are willing to teach you how you can help you get over the hurdles.

Now that the internet is here and its here to stay, it has given many
of beginners, aspiring one’s and even major artists the opportunity to get their music out there to the masses of people over the internet, through their websites, online music stores and much more.
The opportunities are endless, but is going to take a lot of doing on
your part. Its going to take some time to learn and get experience, to networking, hard-work, investment in yourself (no one is going to work for free), and your career, to perseverance, be motivated and especially to learn to have patience.

Please invest some of your time and give a lending ear and an eye to learn about the music business. Surround yourself with people who are positive, who are seeking to be successful in life. Be open and not prejudge everything so quickly.

Learn about this business that you so want to get involve with, and
make a career out of. Do not be deceived by what you perceive on
the video’s of artists that you watch on a daily basis, there is a whole lot more to it. There is a lot of hard work and lots of the artist money that goes into these video’s.

Below is a few sites that I’m sending to you to take some time out of your busy schedule, to thoroughly check out.

Founded by Terry Moorer, and Co-founder MC Lyte.
Terry Moorer worked as MC Lyte’s Public Relations Person for 8 years. Terry has extensive knowledge of the music business, marketing and promoting, speaker/spokes person and communications. MC Lyte also has extensive knowledge of the music business, being a female MC for many years she has the inside scoop on what goes on inside the many aspects of the music business. Both has extensive knowledge of how a Record label works with it’s artist.
Links: (there is a fee to join)

Founder C. Cirocco Jones
Cirocco is a Multi-Platnium Producer, Engineer, Composer, CEO,  A&R, Consultant and book author.
Cirocco credits: Johnny Gill, BET-Viacom, Motown, Michael Jackson, TLC, Quincy Jones, Artisan Pictures, PepsiCo, GM, Sega Corp, Manuel Seals Jr. (Grammy, Multi-Platinum Producer/Songwriter/Musician who has worked with Mariah Carey, Usher, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson, Monica, Ashanti, and Jagged Edge),Grammy winning
Record Producer Alvin Speights,

Check out The Music Powers Networking Site (free to join)

Don’t forget to add The Music Powers Books to your list of music
library of books
1. The Music Powers That Be –
Buy Now click here –
2. The 2012 Official Music Industry Management Contact Book
Buy here –
Need Music Business Contracts?
3. Music Business Contracts –

You should also add these music learning books to your list
1. This Business Of Music (revised and enlarge 7th edition) by William Krasilovsky and Sidney Shemel
2. A Songwriter’s Guide/Music Publishing  by Randy Poe
3. All You Need To Know About The Music Business by Donald Passman
4. Everything You’d Better Know About The Record Industry by Kashif (For Artists, Songwriter, Producers, Musicians AND Music Entrepreneurs

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